Q1. "Twitter app videos are not playing anymore though all was perfect and were working fine two days back but don't know what happened suddenly that it shows me the message "the media could not be played" continuously. Anyone knows how to fix this on my iPhone?"

Q2. "Anytime I press Play Twitter video on Chrome, it appears to load and then the video screen goes black. Anyone else has a similar problem or can offer any solutions? Thanks for the help."

Right up above are some trouble all about Twitter videos not playing on their iPhone/Android/Chrome. The reasons why Twitter videos would be like this can be various. And now I will tell you the fix for it and analyze how to solve the problems in different circumstances.

Solutions to Twitter Videos Not Playing

1. Restart Computer or Mobile Device

It is common that you run too many apps or open up too many browsers at the same time, then your computers/iPhone/Android phone will be overloaded. So when you try to play Twitter videos, the devices may need to buffer for a while or even break down. To fix this, you need to shut down your computer or device first, ensuring that all apps are closed. Then restart your computer or device again and see whether the Twitter videos play smoothly.

Restart Device

2. Update Twitter App

In order to make their program more perfect, Twitter engineers are required to test and develop their apps continuously. If your Twitter app does not update to the latest version in time, it may cost some inconvenience such as videos disabled. So you can try to update your Twitter app and open the app again to see whether it works well then.

Update Twitter App

3. Reinstall Twitter App

If the two methods above are still not working, try to reinstall the Twitter app again on your iPhone and Android. It is because there might be some glitches with the app itself. Thus, you can do this and have a check on that.

Reinstall Twitter App

4. Chrome Web Browser Troubleshooting

Apart from the troubleshooting on the Twitter app, you can try to solve browser issues. There are 4 ways to go.

One is to update your browser to the newest version.

Two is to play Twitter videos in different browsers other than Chrome.

Three is to turn off the add-ons, extension and the third party toolbars in browsers.

Four is to clear all the cache and cookies on Twitter from Chrome's setting menu.

Clear Twitter Cookie On Chrome

Now almost all the possible troubleshooting for Twitter videos errors is listed. By the way, if the errors still exist, maybe you can try downloading the Twitter videos to watch. In this way, you can also play them anywhere at any time.

Download Twitter Videos for Playback Without Limits

It will be easily downloaded Twitter videos with VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. For one thing, it is a totally free video downloader online to download both video and audio files in good quality. For another, it is well compatible with all devices, such as iPhone/iPad/Android, and Mac/Windows computer, allowing you to download video from some of the most popular sites including Twitter and YouTube. Let's dive in and see how to download Twitter videos with it.

VideoSolo Online Video Downloader

Step 1. Head to the Twitter Video in Browser

First of all, go and search for the Twitter video that you want to download in browsers, namely Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, etc. You are here to copy down the link of the videos.

Step 2. Paste the Link in VideoSolo Online Video Downloader

Open another webpage and lead you to VideoSolo Online Video Downloader, then right click to paste your links to the blank space with the words "Paste the Video URL to Download" on it. Afterward, click "Download".

Step 3. Download Twitter Videos

Choose the appropriate format and quality you want to download for your devices. And click on the "Download" button for video downloading.

Download Twitter Video

It is pretty awesome that you can watch more and more Twitter videos offline now. It is only 3 steps to make it come true, pretty good!

With all the information above, I hope this article can help you out of Twitter video won't play. You can do trouble clearing for your Twitter App/web page or download the Twitter videos with VideoSolo Online Video Downloader to play on iPhone/Android phone. Hope you have a good time with your Twitter videos!