"When I play YouTube videos on browsers like Firefox or Chrome, I just find that YouTube has no sound. I have already tried all means I can think of but all failed. Please help me with this problem."

Have you ever encountered with such no sound on YouTube problem? As the world's largest video streaming website, YouTube has a great quantity of users, and that YouTube no sound problem has been one of the most common problems when users watching YouTube videos. Firstly, you can try to open other videos to have a check. If other videos work normally, which means there is something wrong with the video no sound; but if you still can't not hear any sound, then you are probably encountering the problem of no sound on YouTube videos. Here, I would like to introduce you several approaches to fix the no sound problem.

Fix YouTube  No Sound on Problem on Computer ((Windows & Mac)

If you have the YouTube no sound problems when watching videos online with your computer, please find the following methods to solve your problems.

Method 1. Check the Sound Card

When the videos you played have no sound, the first thing you need to do is to check whether the Sound Card on your computer is breaking or not. You can play online video on other websites or play a local media files in Windows Media player. If these videos or audios can play with sounds normally, which means your Sound Card works well and you'd better check other setting on your computer.

Method 2. Clear Caches and Cookies on Your Browser

General speaking, the caches and cookies of the browser also would affect the running of YouTube. Therefore, it is a feasible way to delete caches and cookies on browser to solve the no sound problem. You can try pressing "Shift" + "Control" + "Delete" to perform the clearing process. Check the unwanted data from the pop-up window and click "Clear Browsing Data" to remove them.

Clear Browsing Data

Method 3. Update Adobe Flash Player

To play videos on websites, Adobe Flash Player is an essential part. Thus, you are necessary to ensure this plugin is installed properly on your computer and is up-to-date. Any incompatibility of Adobe Flash Player may result in certain YouTube Problems including YouTube no sound issue. Make sure the Adobe Flash Player is the latest up-to-date version to facilitate the smooth running of YouTube.

Update Adobe Flash Player

Method 4. Uninstall Incompatible Extensions

Another method is to find out if you have installed some incompatible extensions on browsers. You can enter the incognito mode to see if any error message exists. If there has no errors, you probably have an issue with extension on browser. Therefore, you need to remove the faulted extensions to fix the no sound issue.

Fix YouTube  No Sound Problem on Mobile Phones (Android & iPhone)

When your YouTube video no sound, first of all, you need to check whether you have turn on the Silent button of your phone or not. If not, you can try the following solutions.

Method 1. Clear Cached Data (Android only)

Once you run software on your Android phone, there have some caches left on your device and if you don't clear timely, the increasing caches and useless data will interrupt the normal working of the applications. Hence, clear the cached data to solve the YouTube no sound problem.

Clear YouTube Caches

Select the options "Settings > App/Application Management > YouTube" to enter the app info page. Click on "Clear Cache" and "Clear Data" to delete the useless data.

Method 2. Upgrade or Reinstall YouTube

An outdated or improper YouTube version can cause the YouTube videos no sound issue sometimes because a new version can fix some bugs on the old version. Or you can try to reinstall the program to see whether the sound on YouTube can play normally. After your upgrading or reinstalling, you should always remember to install it properly or it won't run successfully.

Above all, these are methods for fixing YouTube no sound problems. They are all easy to do but you need to choose the best solution for your own no sound problem. While in order to make it easier, here you can use an online download tool VideoSolo Online Downloader to download YouTube videos to watch offline to avoid the no sound problem. It's convenient and fast and you are able to enjoy your videos whenever you want after downloading. Have a try and enjoy!